The iPad is not for babysitting

Posted on November 18, 2013 by Astrid

The availibility of tablets in families in Holland is past 50% and growing rapidly. Great content, great new possibilities for learning and play. We totally agree to this. But the scene of a user totally absorbed into a screen made us wonder if the current use af tablets may be too limited… How can we connect the fysical world with the digital world and by doing so create extra meaning?

In this post you’ll find a presentation at Cinekid festival of the new app about science we made with het Klokhuis: Zoek het uit! that illustrates our ideas about different app use.

IKEA did a worldwide study on play in 2010.The outcome was interesting:

  • 45% of parents feel they have no time to play with their children
  • 26% is too stressed to play with their children
  • And a lot of parents say the’ve forgotten how to play,
  • but 73% of children prefer playing with their parents to watching tv!

Tablets and smartphones did not improve this. So we wondered if we could shift the triangle from child and tablet with of without guidance of the parent to child and parent with the guidance of the tablet. Meaningfull family interaction, facilitated by the tablet.

Please watch the presentation Anneke Dorsman (strategist het Klokhuis) and Astrid Poot (hired as strategist by het Klokhuis) about Zoek het uit at the lauch of the project at international childrens’ media festival Cinekid.