Electronics are easy

Posted on March 21, 2014 by Astrid

Last week I did an electronics workshop with children age 8-10.

I tend to like doing stuff like this, from the opinion that children who can relate to technology in a relaxed manner in their youth, can –in later life- relate to the big technological infrastructures that shape our world.  And help shape it in a good way.

Having said that, the workshop was mainly fun :)

I prepaired a little set per child containing 2 red led’s, a switch, a flat battery, 2 resistors and 1 meter of wire. And for the whole group: a lot of plastic waste, lot’s of tape, felt markers, a glue gun, a soldering iron, tie raps, …


Assignment was to make an electronic circuit that enables you to switch on the led’s by pressing your switch. The working circuit can than be built into an animal, a boat, a rocket, whatever design the children wanted to make.


The workshop was amazing. All kids got the circuit working, and all kids made supercool unexpected designs. But the best part was the proud and happy look when they took their creation home.


This is the howto and shoppinglist:

Get goin’!