Frantic coloring: colAR

Posted on February 21, 2014 by Astrid

A wholehearted tribute to our collegues at Puteko: we love their colAR app.

I ‘ve never been a big fan of coloring pictures. I percieve them as not very creative and I usually don’t like the designs too much. (Kids usually disagree to this!) But last night our family was coloring pictures all together with enormous focus and dedication. The reason? ColAR.

With ColAR, your coloring pictures come to life in a very cool way. Using the pictures as markers and showing an animated 3d model of the picture when putting it before the iPad camera is truly magic.

The markers work really well, and your coloring is mapped on the 3d model. You can move around the drawing to see it from all sides and can move up and down. Even for little children this is very easy. We played together with the whole family, because we were all captured by the magic. Coloring together, watching the AR model together: excellent play!

ColAR is free, but you have to unlock the drawings with an inapp purchase.